Here at new Signature STYLE we definitely get the January blues. We also get the January Reds, Pinks, Greens and Yellows too! 

Colour is the perfect way to lift your mood and wearing beautiful shades when the skies are grey is guaranteed to make you feel brighter. Not only that but wearing the right colours next to your face will also illuminate your complexion too; perhaps now is the time to get booked in for that colour consultation to discover which shades will make your skin glow and eyes sparkle?

In the meantime, here are a few colours to consider depending on your mood…


The colours of romance, power and passion – reds and pinks are the perfect colours to opt for if you feel like you need to inject some energy into your look. DEEPS and CLEARS will look fabulous in some of the more vibrant shades that are around currently. If you’re LIGHT or SOFT opt for a subtler red like Geranium. WARMS will have their choice of Bittersweet and Orange Reds and COOLS will look fabulous in Cassis and Fuchsia.


Shades of green and blue are often associated with nature and known to create feelings of calm and tranquility. Most shades of blue will look fabulous on you COOLS (you could perhaps even combine them with the pinks mentioned above). LIGHTS will want to look for more delicate shades like Powder Blue and DEEPS could opt for Dark Navy to complement their colour characteristics. WARMS look fabulous in Olive green and you CLEARS can go bright an bold with Sapphire blue worn in contrast with a neutral shade to give you a pop.


Some may reserve yellow for the warmer months of the year but we’re all for injecting our own sunshine into a Winter’s day! Yellow is becoming more widely available on the high street with stores offering a choice of shades. You will need to have a WARM undertone to wear yellow next to your face (which you will learn during your colour consultation). If yellow is a shade that is in your palette then Mustard is a great shade to opt for at this time of year if you’re WARM, DEEP, SOFT or CLEAR and looks great with Navy or Charcoal.

If you’d like to find out more about colour analysis get in touch here!


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