`The best COLOUR in the whole world is the one that looks good on you’– Coco Chanel

Than the question comes which COLOUR looks good on me?

This enjoyable and practical session removes all the guess work! The key to looking your absolute best is colour – by simply wearing colours that complement your features and skin tone, you can instantly enhance  your natural looks, appearing younger, slimmer and healthier. Let new Signature STYLE help you to find colours and make-up that complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour the best.

What does Colour Consultation involves?

We begin with a relaxing chat over coffee to make sure that you get the most from your session. We discuss your particular needs and explain the theory which underpins colour analysis.

We will learn:

  • What your ‘dominant’ colouring is and how this determines why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • The make-up shades that suit you naturally and how to achieve the look you want both at work and play
  • How best to wear the colours you already have
  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes
  • Where to find your colours this season
  • What are the best colour scarves for you
You take away a personalised wallet containing 42 colour fabric swatches and colour combination tips is yours to take with you for future shopping trips so you will always know which colours to wear. And watch out for those compliments!

Duration:    1½-2 hours
Price:            £150
     your personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet


Combine with Style Consultation, and this 5 hour session will arm you with all the information needed to shop for your individual style, which will reflect your unique personality. Be your own Personal Stylist or if in need of additional guidance in your shopping, just book a Personal Shopping with me.


You may have already had your colours analysed and possibly as a “Season”.  However, Colour Me Beautiful extended the colour consultation process some time ago giving you more choice of shades of colour that will really suit you.  Also, over time your colouring may have changed, either as part of nature’s process or just because you wanted to try a new hair colour.  If so then this update consultation will get you back on track with the colours that bring out the best in you and you have the option of purchasing a new personal colour fabric swatch wallet.
Duration:    1½ hours
£85 (+ wallet cost if purchased)