Little Black Dress

Whilst we love, adore and wear colour at every possible opportunity we also recognise that sometimes you just want to keep things classic and simple. This is when a little black dress (LBD) comes in.

Black may not be in everyone’s dominant colour palette but here at new Signature STYLE and CMB we believe that it is not the colour you wear but how you wear it that makes it a success. You need to consider the fabric your LBD is made from, how much flesh is on show and what accessories and make-up are worn in order to make it work for you.

black1Images courtesy of Pinterest and Lulus

Are you trapped in black?

blackAre you trapped in black? A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes – sound familiar?

Each one of us on average, own 3 black tops, 3 black pairs of trousers, 2 black skirts, one LBD (little black dress) and 4 pairs of black shoes.

No wonder the people we know and love rarely notice we’ve been out on a shopping splurge – marvellously, it really does all look the same to the untrained eye!

I checked my own wardrobe against these statistics and found I have 4 black tops (always worn with another one of my colours over it), 4 pairs of black trousers, 4 black skirt (rarely worn) and 7 pairs of black shoes, if you include my boots.

Some of us head for black in the shops as it is ‘safe’ and some of us opt for black because it’s in a style we like and it just doesn’t come in any other colour. Or some ladies feel it’s slimming and undoubtedly darker colours are more slimming, but there is a problem with black. It just doesn’t suit everyone.


Colours may be a feature in daily life, but in the world of fashion it isn’t always true! Designers always look to reinvent the classical combinations, and this season of black and white is no exception.

Wow to Givenchy collection. There are: 1 white and black leather sleeveless coat with open back with crocodile and natte details and knitted dress in white crochet and black punto Milano with studs, 2 black and white striped pleated technical striped jersey with gros grain and chiffon, 3  black and white ribbon tweed coat with eyelets details, and black stretch leather trousers with stitching detail and triple belt in calfskin with white stitching and black edge, 4 thigh-high open-toe boots.