We’ve accumulated A LOT of loungewear over this last couple of months; what has lockdown done to us? So what now? Do we put our purchases down to isolation necessities or do we try to incorporate these new items into our normal wear?

For some, this will be easy. In fact Natural Style Personalities will have lots of easy-wear comfortable pieces in their wardrobe already. For others such as Romantics, elasticated waist bands, hoodies and relaxed t-shirts, will no doubt be as alien as a flip flop in Antartica.

But don’t reach for the charity bag in the near future; indeed we’re sure charity shops will be inundated with cast-offs for a few months to come. Let’s try to be a bit more sustainable and work these pieces into our wardrobes.


We’re all about safe bets and what we mean when we say that, is buying something that we know won’t date. Great for the pocket and even better for the environment. With this in mind, we bring you three prints that will guarnatee years of wear. In fact, we hope that you wear them out before they date!

1. The Stripe

Who doesn’t love a good Breton stripe? Actually to be a true Breton, it should have 21 stripes, each representing a Napoleon victory because sailors were wearing stripes way back in 1858 (apparently the distinctive print made it easier to spot wayward sailors who had fallen over-board). Breton tops come into their own in spring, when we see fresh shades of colour in the shops. Boden are particularly partial to a stripe.