MUNICH – a city of fashion

Recently I visited Munich in Germany. This beautiful city is really impressive with a lovely architecture and many parks. Munich is called the city of fashion and is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Germany. Very rich with high street and designer stores which can keep you busy the whole day. The most famous international luxury fashion group in women’s designer clothing from Munich is ESCADA, which was founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The company stands out, with its distinctive creations featuring unusual combinations of colours and patterns, exclusive embroidery, and elaborately designed knitted fashions. I felt I wanted to share with you some bits and bobs from ESCADA’s new spring/summer 2015 collection. Hope you will enjoy their new collection and maybe decide to visit this beautiful city and enjoy it as much as I did.

escada mb


Colours may be a feature in daily life, but in the world of fashion it isn’t always true! Designers always look to reinvent the classical combinations, and this season of black and white is no exception.

Wow to Givenchy collection. There are: 1 white and black leather sleeveless coat with open back with crocodile and natte details and knitted dress in white crochet and black punto Milano with studs, 2 black and white striped pleated technical striped jersey with gros grain and chiffon, 3  black and white ribbon tweed coat with eyelets details, and black stretch leather trousers with stitching detail and triple belt in calfskin with white stitching and black edge, 4 thigh-high open-toe boots.



Spring has Sprung, so has the new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The floral and stripe patterns are bringing a new life to our clothes collection after a long Winter time.


Our lives get very busy and and we get less and less time for tidying up our wardrobes. I believe we all know this feeling: `my wardrobe is full, but there is nothing to wear’. I can only suggest the Spring wardrobe detox. It is good to go through clothes and shoes and archive/get rid of those pieces which are blocking our easy access to the ones we need.