White is white right? Wrong. There are over 1,000 shades of white to choose from and some will look better on you than others.

We treat this colour as a neutral because it really is remarkably versatile, and can be worn tonally or teamed with virtually every other colour there is.

Your best white will very much depend on your own colouring. During a colour analysis, we assess your skin tone, hair and eye colour. When combined, these three things tell us a story, your story. We can then recommend shades that will look fabulous on you. Why settle for ok, when you can have amazing?

So which is your best shade of white?


Your naturally blonde hair and delicate skin lends itself well to soft white. Actually, soft white appears in everyone’s palette because it’s so flattering. It’s how you wear it that brings it to life. Try teaming soft white with peacock or sky blue in summer for a lovely fresh look. In winter, you could wear it with taupe, or medium grey.


Ivory is a great shade for you. If you’re adding a contrasting colour, look for something strong such as scarlet or fern in summer to balance out your look. In winter, try it with pine, aubergine or black. Stay away from wearing two light colours together as it will drain you.


You probably already know that you don’t look your best in pure white. It’s too stark against your rich skin and hair tones. Try cream instead and team it with coral (which is hot this year) or lime in the warmer months. It also looks sensational with terracotta or chocolate when the weather turns cold.


As with Deeps, make sure that you use contrast by way of a secondary colour. You look your best in blue-based colours (that’s colours with undertones of blue). Try adding light teal or cassis to soft white in summer and switch to royal blue or pine in winter.


You have the strongest look of all and if your undertone is cool, you will look sensational in pure white. If your undertone is warmer, stick to soft white. Regardless of the shade, make the most of it by adding strong colours such as cornflower blue or scarlet in the warmer months, and bright periwinkle and black when it gets colder


Your palette is very muted and so soft white is perfect for mixing with other neutral colours for a sophisticated look. Try stone and cocoa in summer and pewter or grey-green (khaki) in winter.


Why not book in for a colour analysis to discover your very best shades.

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