Spring has Sprung, so has the new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The floral and stripe patterns are bringing a new life to our clothes collection after a long Winter time.


Our lives get very busy and and we get less and less time for tidying up our wardrobes. I believe we all know this feeling: `my wardrobe is full, but there is nothing to wear’. I can only suggest the Spring wardrobe detox. It is good to go through clothes and shoes and archive/get rid of those pieces which are blocking our easy access to the ones we need.

Wardrobe Management is here to help you to detox your wardrobe and create `an exciting place’ where you want to be. Having a perfect working wardrobe means it’s cheaper in the long run. It is ensuring that you can get ready in a few minutes and you will always look stylish.

I like this New Christian Dior SS 2015 floral-stripe collection and plan to add to my wardrobe some new pieces, so I can really feel that the Spring has Sprung.


So some of my `old’ clothes survived my wardrobe detox, I would love to know what survived yours? And did you choose any floral or stripe pieces to add to your wardrobe?