Stay Chic In The Heat

When the heat is on the last thing you want is to be feeling hot and bothered. Here are our tips to keep you cool and chic in the Summer sun this season….



Darker colours absorb heat so opt for the lighter shades in your palette wherever possible. If you fall into the Deep colour category this can be particularly tricky but you can try adding a little contrast in the form of a pattern or accessory to ensure the lighter shades you’re wearing don’t wash you out.


A stylish hat is a surefire way to up the glam factor whilst also shielding you from harmful UV rays. Be sure to choose a style that flatters your face shape with a brim that covers your neck and ears, as well as your face. A breathable material like straw will ensure your head doesn’t get too hot!

Material Girl!

4324c1f6faf62316feeac125ca600d1cI love visiting Vintage Fairs . What fun! You can find everything from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s for sale – clothes for ladies and gentlemen, fabulous fashion accessories and even the odd retro kitchen appliance. You can even book a make-up and hair make-over in the style of your favourite decade. Whatever the decade you started to be interested in fashion and clothes, for me  it is a real trip for memory lane.

It is always a joyful experience in terms of the variety of colours and styles of clothes but also the fabrics which have changed over the years with the introduction of lycra for instance.  There are lots of cotton, silks, satins, lace and horror of horrors – crimplene! Does anyone remember it? It was one of the first synthetic, crease resistant fabrics we wore back then and it felt awful.

We often consider colours and styles when choosing our clothes, but how often do we really think about the fabric? As a personal stylist, one of the key things I am aware of is that fabric can make or break your outfit – not many of my clients are aware of this, so I am always pleased to offer my expert advice at a consultation or personal shopping trip.