Attention to detail is everything when designing luxury hotels, restaurants, bars and residential spaces.

Before designing someone’s residence, we find that the most successful route is to listen to our clients and create a working relationship.

It is essential to understand what the client is looking for, not only in the terms of look and style, but practicality. With the client’s aspirations and our design philosophy, a new interior is created in a collaborative way. We want our clients to be integral to the completed design and to feel the space belongs to them.

Every aspect is important and we spend time making sure each element is just right to ensure a beautiful workable design. The finer points on how the frame of furniture is constructed, the way the tufts are sewn, the thread count in a fabric, the types of dyes used, the product source, need meticulous attention.

By being thorough in our planning and having the highest quality standards for the materials and FF&E we specify, we can be confident that the end result will be exquisite and be enjoyed in the years to come.


Please feel free to contact us to talk through your requirements.

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